An up-and-coming addition to the D.C. bar scene

2 Birds 1 Stone, Washington, D.C.

If you’re seeking out a more mature drinking scene, free of the rowdy kids that permeate the usual selection of bars, check out 2 Birds 1 Stone.  This relative newcomer to the Washington, D.C. bar circuit maintains an atmosphere that is somewhere between classy and casual, so you can have a few drinks in a nice place without feeling like you need to don a suit and tie to get through the door.  The drinks are made well though they are a bit pricey.  This bar isn’t for everyone and those that do take a liking to it recommend coming in on a slower night so that it’s not too noisy.  Stop by 2 Birds 1 Stone and see what you think of it yourself.  Has anyone been to 2 Birds 1 Stone before?  What did you think of the service there?


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