A beautiful and romantic Spanish city

Seville, Spain

For a remarkable look at the rich culture and history of the country of Spain, spend a holiday exploring the beautiful city of Seville.  Whether you wish to spend your time marveling at the wondrous and varied architecture of the past - which Seville has in abundance - or visit the modern, urban attractions of the city, there’s something for everyone.  Wander the museums, galleries and theme parks.  Head out after dark to see what’s going on with the nightlife.  Show up during the right time of the year to attend the many events, fairs and other celebrations that they have to offer.  This amazing city is the perfect place to spend a romantic holiday, no matter what the time of year.  Has anyone been to Seville before?  What were some of your favorite sights there?


Photo courtesy of Jebulon via Wikicommons

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