Jewish dating suggestions

The Jewish singles scene

Dating can be tough if you are Jewish. Are you looking for another Jewish person? And if so, what level of religious commitment are you hoping they will have? Religious issues are a big source of relationship problems, so it's important for you both to be on the same level. Being open and honest is a good place to start.

Reform, Conservative, or Orthodox?
Some people are more flexible on this point than others. Once again, communication is key. Be honest with your date - and with yourself. If you could never bring yourself to have a serious relationship with someone who's more or less observant than you are, be clear about that up front.

Finding a restaurant
Once you find someone, where should you go? If you are observant, or you are dating an observant person, then you will want to look for restaurants in your area that keep kosher. Use a site like Yelp to find kosher restaurants in your city.

Their family
Many Jewish families are very close and community-minded. It can be a little overwhelming if you are not used to it. Be nice, and do your best to stay on good terms with your date's family.

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