The Jewish singles scene
Jewish dating suggestions

Dating can be tough if you are Jewish. Are you looking for another Jewish person? And if so, what level of religious commitment are you hoping they will have? Religious issues are a big source of relationship problems, so it's important for you both to be on the same level. Being open and honest is a good place to start.

Reform, Conservative, or Orthodox?
Some... Read More

2 Birds 1 Stone, Washington, D.C.
An up-and-coming addition to the D.C. bar scene

If you’re seeking out a more mature drinking scene, free of the rowdy kids that permeate the usual selection of bars, check out 2 Birds 1 Stone.  This relative newcomer to the Washington, D.C. bar circuit maintains an atmosphere that is somewhere between classy and casual, so you can have a few drinks in a nice place without feeling like you need to... Read More

Glarus Chocolatier, Baltimore, MD
All-natural chocolates using traditional crafting methods

Using traditional Swiss methods, Glarus Chocolatier puts together some of the best, all-natural chocolates that you will find anywhere.  Though they operate out of Baltimore, they have a full on-line store, so you can order these treats no matter where you are in the world.  From chocolate bars to assorted packages of bits and pieces,... Read More

Multnomah Whiskey Library, Portland, OR
For best selection of whiskey in Portland

For those that enjoy the best of the best when it comes to spirits, a stop by Multnomah Whiskey Library is a must at least once.  Just as its name implies, this is a library of whiskey, filled with a ridiculous amount of varieties of this particular drink.  No matter what your tastes, they’ll have a dozen or more selections that will knock your socks off. ... Read More

Falls Flowers, Philadelphia, PA
Sustainability and expertise in craftsmanship

With a wealth of experience behind the owner of Falls Flowers, you can be sure that what they put together will be only the very best.  If you live in the Philadelphia area, this is one place to consider the next time you feel like buying something beautiful for that special someone.  They use sustainable practices in everything they do,... Read More

The Gin Joint, Charleston, SC
For great cocktails in a relaxed environment

Located out on the waterfront of the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina, the Gin Joint is one of the better cocktail bars around.  Featuring a menu of drink specials that reflects the seasonal change of their ingredients, there will always be something new to try here.  The atmosphere is very much like a speakeasy,... Read More

Kazan, Russia
Explore a Russian city rich with history and culture

Couples that wish to take a holiday exploring the beautiful land of Russia should consider making the city of Kazan one of their stops.  Located along the VolgaRiver, this amazing city has a long history behind it and a wealth of historic and cultural sites... Read More

Seville, Spain
A beautiful and romantic Spanish city

For a remarkable look at the rich culture and history of the country of Spain, spend a holiday exploring the beautiful city of Seville.  Whether you wish to spend your time marveling at the wondrous and varied architecture of the past - which ... Read More

Breckenridge, Colorado
Winter or summer, this small town is a perfect place to get away

For couples that wish to have a more active holiday away from the big city, head just west of Denver to the small town of Breckenridge, Colorado.  With miles of trails winding through the beautiful scenery, you can enjoy some time hiking and biking amidst nature.  Or come through during the winter to enjoy the snow sculpture championships and... Read More

Victoria, Seychelles
Spend some time away at this African island paradise

Located on Mahe in the Seychelles island chain, the capital city of Victoria is a great place to visit for couples that want a romantic and remote holiday.  Known for its enchanting beaches and unspoiled natural wonders, this is a wonderful place to explore and spend a little time.  Take a walk through... Read More